All items can be made in any desired colour, upon request.
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  • Handbags | BBB
    Handbags | BBB

    B.B.B. – (Bicolour Big Bag)

    Handmade crochet bag  size extra large, with very much space. With metal lock, Gucci style Push lock -10cm long,  leather base - side panels all in one,  and leather handle. In many other colours upon request.
  • Handbags | Big Pouch Bag
    Handbags | Big Pouch Bag

    Big Pouch Bag

    Handmade crochet bag in shape of a pouch. The top and the bottom of the bag are from leather 100% . Τhe lining is  100% cotton. It is hard and helps the bag to show its volume inside Also there is an inside pocket. Can be made in any color and other types of yarn after request.
  • Handbags | Ladys' Bag
    Handbags | Ladys' Bag

    Ladys’ bag

    Handmade crochet handbag with frame, leather bottom and wooden handle. A pretty womens' bag for an evening oytfit.
  • Handbags | Small Bag
    Handbags | Small Bag

    Small Bag

    Handmade crocheted small bag for ladies, with leather zipper and a hanging tassel. You can put inside basic things - mobile, wallet -  and it is ideal to go for a coffee or to go for shopping. Can be made in any color of your desire upon request.