All items can be made in any desired colour, upon request.
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  • Handbags | BBB
    Handbags | BBB

    B.B.B. – (Bicolour Big Bag)

    Handmade crochet bag  size extra large, with very much space. With metal lock, Gucci style Push lock -10cm long,  leather base - side panels all in one,  and leather handle. In many other colours upon request.
  • Handbags | Big Pouch Bag
    Handbags | Big Pouch Bag

    Big Pouch Bag

    Handmade crochet bag in shape of a pouch. The top and the bottom of the bag are from leather 100% . Τhe lining is  100% cotton. It is hard and helps the bag to show its volume inside Also there is an inside pocket. Can be made in any color and other types of yarn after request.
  • Bracelet | Bracelet in Orange
    Bracelet | Bracelet in Orange

    Bracelet in Orange

    Handmade crochet bracelet. It’s crocheted in 2 chains by alternating colors of black orange and beige in cotton yarn. It is decorated with small  orange and brass beads. Can be made in any colour of your desire upon request.
  • FARAO in Beige
    FARAO in Beige

    FARAO in Beige

    Handmade crochet necklace. Ethnic style. Necklace made up of two chains crocheted together with  cotton thread and at the bottom of the second one tied small tassels and haolite .
  • Handbags | Ladys' Bag
    Handbags | Ladys' Bag

    Ladys’ bag

    Handmade crochet handbag with frame, leather bottom and wooden handle. A pretty womens' bag for an evening oytfit.
  • Eaarrings | Mirror
    Eaarrings | Mirror


    Handmade crochet earrigs with a bow and a small pearl in the bottom.
  • | Handmade Crochet Creations
    Pupets | Ralf,the giraffe

    Ralf , the Giraffe

    Handmade crochet pupet. There is movement in the arms and legs Thread used : 100% cotton yarn. Is a lovely present for kids.
  • Handbags | Small Bag
    Handbags | Small Bag

    Small Bag

    Handmade crocheted small bag for ladies, with leather zipper and a hanging tassel. You can put inside basic things - mobile, wallet -  and it is ideal to go for a coffee or to go for shopping. Can be made in any color of your desire upon request.  
  • Stars


    Handmade crochet earrings crocheted in a large ring. On the top is hanging a little star, and at the bottom are pending pearls.
  • Pupets | The angry Molly
    Pupets | The angry Molly

    The angry Molly

    Handmade crochet pupet. Thread used : wool for the hat anf hairs , and for the pupet 100% cotton yarn. A lovely gift for children.